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How Labia Pumping Works


The Labium Minora and Labium Majora (the inner and outer labia) are made up of tissues that respond well to the application of vacuum pressure. By placing a properly sized vacuum cup over the labia and applying a vacuum, the labia can be enlarged temporarily or permanently. Full labia lips create the popular "camel toe" look under tight-fitting clothing, are visually exciting for sexual partners, and contribute to heightened sensation during sexual activity.

Temporary Gains

By applying a labia suction cup and modest vacuum pressure for 10 to 20 minutes, most women will achieve luscious, but temporary, engorgement of the labia. Beyond the visual stimulus full labia lips will provide your partner, labia pumping also sensitizes the labia lips, enhancing your sexual experience and improving the likelihood and intensity of orgasm.

Permanent Gains

Just as regular exercise builds muscle tissue, regular vacuum pumping of the labia encourages development of additional tissue, leading to lasting enhancement of the labia. Most women will need no more than 20 minutes of pumping daily to achieve lasting growth. However, just as muscles atrophy if you stop using them, the labia will gradually shrink over time if you stop using the vacuum pumping process.

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