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How Vacuum Pumping Works


Vacuum pumping is the process of applying vacuum pressure to the genitals, typically the penis, nipples, labia, or clitoris, to induce temporary swelling, rich coloration, and long-term growth.


Vacuum pressure applied to the body has two key effects:

The most pronounced and immediate effect of vacuum pumping is harmless swelling caused by engorgement of tissue with blood and lymphatic fluid. Blood flow returns to normal soon after vacuum pressure is removed, but lymphatic fluid takes longer to drain. For this reason, temporary growth from vacuum pumping can last for more than an hour. Repeated vacuum pumping sessions will, over time, encourage more lasting growth of soft tissues.

Less pronounced, but very important for penile extension and combating the effects of aging on penis size, is stretching of ligaments. Ligaments are structural elements of the body. Over time, ligaments become less elastic, reducing our flexibility. In the case of the penis, reduced elasticity of the suspensory ligament limits the erect length of the penis. Vacuum pumping stretches ligaments, maintaining or improving their elasticity. A Penis Lengthening system used in tangent with our pumping system,  also combats the effects of aging.

How Vacuum Pumping is Used

Vacuum pumping is commonly used before or during sex to encourage an erection, create visually exciting enhancement of genitals, and heighten genital sensitivity. This occasional use of vacuum pumping produces immediate rewards for both partners.

Vacuum pumping is also used to produce sustained growth of genitals, including the penis, nipples, and labia. Sustained growth is achieved when vacuum pumping is undertaken on a regular basis, much as working out at the gym develops muscle tone.

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