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Labia/Pussy Cup Sizing Guidance


 We offer two simple measurements for the calculating the proper fit for your unique body size.

First, using a tape measure, measure the length of your pussy from just above the clitoris to just below your vaginal cavity. This is your pussy length.

Second, with your legs spread comfortably, measure the distance between your thighs at the crotch. This is your crotch width.

Use your pussy length and crotch width measurements to find a cup size that will fit both in the table below, or use the calculator below to obtain an instant recommendation.

Sizing Chart

Cup Number Maximum Pussy Length
Minimum Crotch Width
400-4000  (Small)
4- 1/4 inches
( 10.8 cm )
3-1/4 inches
( 8.25 cm )
400-4001  (Medium)
4- 3/4 inches
( 12.1 cm )
3-3/4 inches
( 9.6 cm )
400-4002  (Large)
5-1/4 inches
( 13.3 cm )
4-1/4 inches
( 10.8 cm )

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