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How Nipple Pumping Works


Nipple pumping and enhancement works essentially the same way for both men and women. Suction is applied to the nipple(s) and, if desired, the areola (the dark area immediately surrounding the nipple) using a vacuum cylinder (or cylinders) and a vacuum hand pump. The vacuum causes the affected area to engorge with blood and lymph fluid, which results in swelling of the tissue and a temporary increase in the size of the nipple.

Temporary Gains

Temporary nipple enhancement through vacuum pumping is a great way to add spice to a sexual encounter, sensitize your nipples, or command attention during an evening on the town with enlarged, hardened nipples that show through your clothing.

Permanent Gains

Permanent enhancement is possible with a regular pumping program, much like a workout routine. Regular, repeated application of vacuum pressure encourages lasting growth by stretching the tissues of the nipple.

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