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Pumping Plus

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  • Command attention with erect, sexy nipples
  • Designed for comfort, fit
  • Safe and effective
  • Top quality, made in USA
  • Everything you need in one kit
  • Flared end for comfort
  • Easy to follow nipple pumping instructions

Nipple Pumping Kits    $179.50


Enjoy the benefits of large, beautiful, sensitive nipples with the Pumping Plus Nipple Enhancement Kit. This is a safe, all natural, non surgical nipple enhancement solution. Everything you need right out of the box to safely and comfortably enhance the size and firmness of your nipples! Includes a pair of our specially designed nipple pumping cylinders, metal hand pump, a T-hose and a  1 oz. bottle of lubricant. Guaranteed to bring you greater sexual pleasure and beautiful sexy more noticable nipples!


Choose correct size, after using our Sizing Guide

#400-9010, 1/2" diameter, $179.50

#400-9011, 5/8" diameter, $179.50

#400-9012, 3/4" diameter, $179.50

#400-9013, 1-1/4" diameter, $189.50

Sizing Guidance


Nipple cylinder sizing is mostly a matter of personal preference. Our comprehensive nipple cylinder sizing guide (see link below) will help you determine the cylinder size that will help you achieve the results you desire.

* Nipple Cylinder Sizing Guidance

More Information


* How Nipple Pumping Works

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