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  • Drive your lover mad with desire!
  • Get the sexy 'camel toe' look
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Great results
  • Top quality, made in the USA
  • Greatly enhance your sexual experiences

Pussy/Labia Pumping Cups     $85


For serious labia enlargement (slang, Pussy Pumping), there is no other design like our labia vacuum suction cups. Durable and made for long term usage, our clear, sturdy acrylic shells and industrial-grade valve connectors, put these multi-sized pussy cups in a league of their own! They maintain the vacuum in the cup, even after the vacuum hand pump is removed from the connector.

Used as directed, our Pussy/Labia Pumping Cups will provide you with beautiful, voluptuous pussy enlargement, also known as the "camel toe".

It's obvious we are not all the same size, so our exclusive unique sizing fits whatever size you need!  Our Pussy/Labia Cups are available in small, medium and large. See Labia Cup Sizing Guidance for measuring before ordering.

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Sizing Guidance


Correct sizing is the key to pussy pumping comfort and results. Our comprehensive sizing guide  will help you pinpoint the right size for you:

* Pussy/Labia Cup Sizing Guidance

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* How Pussy/Labia Pumping Works

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