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Pumping Plus

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  • Swollen lips are so sexy!
  • Add extra sensation to your sexual experiences
  • Create a Camel Toe!
  • Safe, effective, guaranteed
  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Made in USA

Labia/Pussy Pumping Kits         $169.50


The Pumping Plus™ Pussy Pumping Kit (nice mouthful!) includes everything you need to achieve a sexy, fully enhanced labia area. The secret is our unique pussy vacuum suction cup, designed and sized specifically for maximum fit for large, full protruding labia lips with regular intervals of vacuum pumping. 

Pussy Pumping Kit includes:
-pussy/labia cup (choose correct size
-hand pump [as shown to the left]
-bottle of lubricant

Follow the instructions included in your kit, and enjoy an all natural, labia beautifying regiment. That full feeling and luscious sensation will be yours, even after the very first time you use it!

Kits are available in all size Pussy Cups:
  Kit # 400-9020 uses Cup #400-4000 (Small)
  Kit # 400-9021 uses Cup #400-4001 (Medium)
  Kit # 400-9022 uses Cup #400-4002 (Large)
Choose size to order, after measuring...

Sizing Guidance


Correct sizing is the key to pussy pumping comfort and results.  We offer the most popular sizes in our kits, and we also sell our Pussy/Labia Cups individually (see Related Products, below).

* Pussy/Labia Cup Sizing Guidance

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* How Pussy/Labia Pumping Works

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