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Penis Lengthening Kit

The Penis Lengthening Kit allows you to achieve increased size and performance! The enlargement device comfortably applies a constant stretch to your penis. In response, the stretched tissue slowly expands until you can see noticeable gains.

Throughout history, humans have experimented with the ability of gradual pressure to stretch tissue over time. This penis enlargement device capitalizes on that simple process to help you increase your size. Instructions for a complete regimen of wear and use are included.

This device helps with overall lengthening of the penis as well as adding girth. When used in conjunction with our penis vacuum pumping kits, there is greater increases and more permanent results.
Pieces for Lengthening Penis Kit
  • Enlarger is 5.5" long from bottom of base to end of shaft support platform
  •  Opening at base of enlarger is 1.6" wide
  • Included extension rods add 1" (short rods) and 2" (short rods) to the length of the enlarger and can be attached together to add a total of 3 inches
  • Rubber strap is 0.9" wide X 7.75" long

Made of  ABS, Steel, Rubber

The Kit comes in an attractive case for safe and discreet storage.
Detailed instructions are also included.

Box for Elongation of Penis Kit

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Penis Lengthening Device

Item #390-5010
 Price: $84.95



Penis Stretching Device

Andropenis® is made with the highest quality materials meant to be durable, light, and comfortable.

The device is composed of a plastic ring connected by two dynamic metal shafts, a plastic support and a silicone band that holds the gland, or head, in place.

Andro Penis Stretcher Medical Device

The metal shafts of Andropenis® gold are made of nickel covered with a layer of 24 carat gold; the springs are made of stainless steel and the shafts of surgical aluminum.

It can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable and may be worn while walking, sitting and standing.

Andropenis® is based on the principle of traction, because it has no side-effects it is classified as a Class 1 medical device. Andropenis® complies with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and also with the obligations of the CE mark.

It is a European made device and is held to the highest quality standards.

Andropenis® is registered as a Class 2 Medical Device by the US FDA Health Authorities (as an external penile rigidity device).

With results and comfort in mind,  Andropenis® is designed to fulfill three important tasks: penile enlargement, curvature correction, and the prevention of penile retraction.

Andro® is a urological medical laboratory dedicated to the treatment of matters related to penile size. More than 10 years of experience vouch for our medical device Andropenis®.

Andro Penis Enlargement Kit     $249.00____

PEnis Stretching System Kit

  • Increases penis length by up to 4 cm (1.6 inches).
  • Increases penis girth by up to 1.5cm (0.6 inches).
  • Permanent results in both flaccidity and erection
  • Corrects penis curvature up to 40%
Complete Kit Includes:
  • 1 Andropenis® Gold Extender Penis Enhancement Device
  • 1 Androsilicone kit (3 units)
  • 1 Androtop kit (3 units)
  • 1 Protective Cushion kit (3 units)
  • + Instructions Booklet
  • + Instructions CD for computer use
  • + Quick Guide
  • + Wooden Case

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  Penis Lengthening Device

Item #390-5000
 Price: $249.00

andropenis sketch This device helps with overall lengthening of the penis as well as adding girth. When used in conjunction with our penis vacuum pumping kits, there is greater increases and more permanent results.

It is also extremely effective for the straightening of penile curvature ( Peyronie's Disease) ultimately allowing for more girth and length of penis

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