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Pumping Plus

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  • Permanently lengthen your penis by 1" to 3"
  • Expand the girth of your penis
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Safe, drug-free, and effective
  • Quality, made in the USA

Penis Pumping Kits       $169.50


Your secret to success... each of our kits contains one of your correctly sized penis pumping cylinders, along with our heavy-duty, metal hand pump and a 1 oz. bottle of  lubricant.

Follow the instructions included in the kit, for the most effective, all natural penis enlargement results. Kits available from 1 1/2" diameter cylinder up to 2 1/2" cylinder.

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Sizing Guidance


A correctly sized penis pumping cylinder will maximize both your comfort and your results. Our comprehensive sizing guide (see link below) will help you find the right size penis pumping cylinder. We offer our most popular sizes in our kits, and sell larger cylinders individually (see Related Products below).

* Penis Cylinder Sizing Guidance

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* How Penis Pumping Works

* Frequently Asked Questions

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