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Penis Cylinder Sizing Guidance


Penis pumping cylinders are sized in relation to the girth (girth is the circumference, or distance around, the penis) of an erect penis.

To determine which cylinder size is right for you, measure your girth at the thickest point of your erect penis. The thickest point of the penis varies among men, and may or may not be at the head, middle, or base of your penis.

To measure your girth, wrap a string around your erect penis, and use a felt-tip pen to heavily mark the point on the string where it crosses itself. Then straighten the string, and use a ruler to measure the distance between the two marks. This measurement will represent your penile girth.

Whether your measurement is in inches or centimeters, use the sizing chart or the cylinder size calculator below to determine which of our cylinder sizes is best for you.

Sizing Chart

Cylinder Size Fits Girth Up To
1-1/2 inches 4-1/2" 11.4 cm
1-3/4 inches 5-1/4" 13.3 cm
2 inches 6" 15.2 cm
2-1/4 inches 6-3/4" 17.1 cm
2-1/2 inches 7-5/8" 19.3 cm
2-3/4 inches 8-3/8" 21.2 cm
3 inches 9-1/2" 24.1 cm

Cylinder Size Calculator

Enter your girth below, then click on the "Recommend a Size" button to learn which cylinder size will fit you best.

NOTE: The calculator will not work if your browser does not support javascript, or if you have disabled your browser's javascript support.

Calculate Using Inches

Erect Girth: inches

Calculate Using Centimeters

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